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Make meaningful content, for word of mouth

NO fancy numbers, just make content, and build brand trust with Rexer’s verified micro-influencers & key opinion consumers (KOC).

Why Brands Need Others to Speak for Them

“The power of they said!”

We strongly believe that a product having good reviews would able to help the prospect in his/her buying decision.


of consumers around the world say they trust recommendations from friends and family


of the consumers read online reviews before making a purchase

72 %

of prompted to take an action the consumers will be after reading positive reviews

Source: Nielsen’s latest Global Trust in Advertising report & invespcro

Whom We Speak to

Know your audience and communicate in their language.

What brands will get

No fancy numbers, just word-of-mouth contents!

Don’t run campaigns solely for the sake of reach and likes, influencer marketing’s impact goes beyond follower count. Trust matters for purchases, you will get valuable content for brand trust.

Product review

Unboxing and review product in multi-images / reel video post for engagement in Instagram

Engaging video

Engaging and often humorous content video, showcase their unique personalities and perspectives in Tik Tok.


Sharing their own experiences and opinions with down-to-earth content approach for better viewership in Xiao Hong Shu.


See what people are saying

Happy with the result and they even won entry into Finalist of PR Awards 2021, Best Use of Micro/Niche Influencers with the campaign. Good job Rexer and the team.”

It is always pleasant to work together with Rexer. Rexer is effective and energetic team which proposes different campaign ideas with taking many factors into consideration like execution, effectiveness and technical support from social media management to product awareness via influencer engagement.

Most importantly, they have a super good list of KOLs, which is suitable to represent our products.”

A helpful team with solid idea, as well as execution in campaign, Rexer help to generate bulk user-generated content and product reviews for our new launch coffee brand and product.”

Our clients

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