We have worked with all types of influencers


Maximum influence power
Level up brands image and exposure, impactful with their personality

Mega influencers

Over 1 million followers
Represent the leaders of particular niches or genres, provide a lot of reach in one hit

Marco influencers

101k – 999k followers
Reach a broad demographic with certain type of customer, like young females

Micro influencers

11k – 100k followers
High levels of engagement, can bank on their followers being interested


1k and above followers
Credibility among readers as product testing and reviewing is their expertise


  1. K.O.C. stand for Key Opinion Consumers
  2. All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

We can do these for brands

On-going ambassador

Influencer engagement

Talent search

LIVE streaming

Product testimonial

Event attendance

Social media seeding

Creative campaign, make your brand speak LOUDER

Create branded content that truly adds value

We don’t run campaign just for number of reaches & likes, we make valuable contents with content creators to deliver message effectively

Make real engagement with target audience

The real impact of influencer marketing is not just about the size of your audience; it’s how engaged they are with your content and turn into an action

Steps to get started with Rexer

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Frequently asked questions

Which influencer is the best?

No one best for everything, we will listen to your campaign brief, and offer our proposal to maximize the influence power.

Can I promote my campaign at other countries beside Malaysia?

We gathered KOLs with our in-house system, and there are more than thousand KOLs from 4 major cities (Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Singapore, Manila), and we are going to extend to other cities as well to expand the influence power.

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