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Rexer is an influencer marketing platform that connects brands with over a thousand verified content creators (KOL & KOC) across the most popular social media platforms, empowering them to build brand trust.

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Founded in 2016 as an influencer marketing business unit of Wofollow


Connected with over a thousand verified KOL & KOC across diverse categories including beauty, travel, food, parenting, and technology


Handled more than hundred celebrity, influencer, KOL & KOC jobs with agencies and brands

Some old stories

Whatever we do, our aim is to enhance content creation in every social media trend.

Team member

These individuals consistently emphasize the power of they said

Gary Boon

Recently, I heard what they said, you know… Hmm, this is the power of they said!

Ally Kuah

They’ve been saying that this food is nice, that product is not recommend. This is the power of they said

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